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Recent acquisitions!

Postby Madmarco » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:57 pm

Hey guys! Just wanted to share some pieces I recently bought with you! 1st.-This is a 9 1/4"-Blackjack Mamba/SS dagger blade, SS liners, SS scales/derlin inlays, completely hidden pins, strong slip-joint action, lock-back release, no pocket-clip, and amby thumb-studs. Has "BLACKJACK KNIVES", and a stiletto piercing the Ace+King of Spades etched on the front tang, and, "MAMBA" "JAPAN", etched on the rear tang. The run-up on this knife is virtually invisible, it opens with a satisfying "click" when settling into place, and weighs about 10 oz.'s! This is not a particularly new knife, but new to me! 2nd.-This one is a 7"- Tak Fukutu Marbles slip-joint/SS blade with nail-nic, brass liners, NS boxed bolsters/NS pins and detailed engraving, dark horn scales/slight white streaks and secured with brass pins, no pocket-clip, and lock-back release. Has "MARBLES" and registered trademark etched on the front tang, and, "HANDMADE" "SEKI-JAPAN" etched on the rear tang. Also has an American Eagle perched on a limb, etched on the front of the blade. This knife is quite light, and would make a very nice EDC! 3rd.-This one is just a cheapo from China, but I really liked the design! It's 8 3/4" including the spine extended lanyard, SS blade and liners, SS bolsters secured with screws/faux MOP inlays on the bottom ones, dark wooden scales secured with brass pins and brass inlays, SS accents, slip-joint action, lock-back release, and pocket-clip(which I immediately removed)! Has "A123" stamped on the front tang, and, "COLUMBIA" and a circled wolf's head along with registered trademark, etched on the front blade, and some sort of shield etched on the back of the blade! Incredibly for a cheap knife, the run-up is invisible! Has nice weight and feel, but strictly a display piece! Hope you like em'! 8-)
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