Late Picklock Review!

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Late Picklock Review!

Postby Madmarco » Fri May 22, 2020 2:14 am

Hey guys! I thought I had done this already, but I can't find it, so I'll do it now, and if it's a repeat, would one of the moderators kindly delete it! It's for a knife I received from SBK some time ago, but as I said, I thought I'd done it already! It's for an 11"- Exiled Cutlery Picklock, custom built by Chad "Reuben Blades". The piece has a 3.4mm SS mirror-polished bayonet blade riding on bronze phosphor washers and a Jolly Roger/crossed cutlasses and EEC etch, NS satin finish bolsters, NS flush mount button/skull + bones stamp, brass pins, screw + barrel pivot for easy adjustments and shipping, 3.4mm 1-piece back-spring, and gorgeous Zebrawood scales. This beauty fires like a .38 pistol, and locks-up solid with absolutely zero play! Was my favorite until I received my SOI 5mm Lockback, but still ranks right up there! Thanks to JB and Chad for making these beautiful pieces of art available to us here in Communist Canada! P.S.-Sorry I'm in the pics, and that they're not too good, I only have the camera that's built into my PC, and I need to hold the knife and click the button at the same time! 8-)
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